Self-Referral Services

The Center for Cognitive Education has developed program structures which encourage the change processes initiated and supported by various referring agencies. It is our intent to provide quality and low cost services to assist clients in developing and maintaining responsible patterns in living. We strive to compliment and support the missions of our referring agencies. Our mutual goal is help create a safe community and to provide an atmosphere and opportunity to facilitate positive change. The success of our program depends on communication with referring agencies in an effort to maintain a collaborative effort to accomplish this goal.

Note: Persons submitting a self referral to programs listed under "court ordered" will be evaluated for appropriate placement.

Psychosexual, Risk Evaluations, Therapeutic Assessment, and Psychological Evaluations consist of various testing instruments and risk measures, along with clinical interviews and a review of official documents. These results can be used at all phases of the legal process as well as during participation in treatment programs. All of the data acquired during the evaluation is complied into a written report released to the referring entity.

Individual/Family Counseling
The Center for Cognitive Education has qualified licensed mental health therapists which offer individual therapy to assist clients in addressing a wide array of mental health issues. The following therapists are available to provide individual therapy and counseling services: Dean Eddy, Matt Bierds. Please contact them directly via e-mail or the number provided.

Supportive Aftercare

Weekly group meetings during which Participants will receive support and continued recovery information. The focus of the group will be processing how individuals are utilizing recovery tools and concepts previously acquired during substance abuse treatment. Length is determined by your referring agency. Generally, aftercare is recommended for six months to a year after completion of a primary treatment program.

Relapse Prevention Program

For individuals who are struggling with stability in their recovery process. You have previously completed substantial substance abuse treatment and have some experience with recovery. During this program you will be re-introduced to basic cognitive and other recovery tools. You will be expected to evaluate what you are doing that is working for you and what you are doing that is not. With that insight, you will be expected to make change to continue on your path to a more healthy and satisfying lifestyle. Four month minimum program. Group meets one time per week for 1.5 hours. Completion will be based on your stability and utilization of program concepts/skills. This will be evaluated with the assistance of your Supervising Officer. Cost: $25 per week.

Drug and Alcohol Urinalysis Screening

Drug and Alcohol Urinalysis Screening are conducted on a "walk-in" basis every Tuesday and Thursday between 8:30 am and 12:30 pm at 503 Main St, Georgetown location. There is no need to call to schedule. The fee is $50 cash or money order. You will be provided with a receipt and a copy of your results at the time of testing. This process generally takes 15 to 20 minutes. Please bring a photo ID.

Pre - Disposition Substance Abuse Evaluations and Risk Assessments

Pre - Disposition Substance Abuse Evaluations and Risk Assessments - (Not for Pre-Trial Intervention Candidates) Email Instructions: Subject line titled "Pre-Disp Eval", then add your Last name, First initial. Email to include your full name/contact number and send to . You will be contacted to schedule a day/time for your evaluation. Evaluations generally take 1 ½ hours. These evaluations are designed to provide information to Attorneys and the Courts to assist with decisions associated with disposition of a case. Costs: Substance Abuse Evaluation only = $100; Substance Evaluation and Level of Service Inventory Revised (LSIR - Risk and Needs assessment) =$150. A drug screening is also recommended to support the findings of the Substance Abuse Evaluations. Drug and Alcohol screenings are available for $50. Payment is due at the time of your screening and/or evaluation in the form of cash and/or money order. A receipt will be provided at the time of payment. With your consent, a written report reflecting the evaluation summary will be made available to the Courts and/or your Attorney. Please bring a photo ID.